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Tobii Eye Tracker 5

Tobii Eye Tracker 5

<b>ANALYZE YOUR GAMEPLAY THROUGH YOUR EYES</b> - Become a better player by identifying areas of improvement based on your visual attention in-game - using metrics such as tunnel vision, awareness, and focus, to perfect your play.
<b>EXPERIENCE A NEW WORLD OF CONTROL</b> - Use your head and eye movements to interact with, control and enjoy your in-game environments to the max - with features like Aim at Gaze, Dynamic Lighting, and Extended View camera movement, to fully immerse you in the game world.
<b>LET THEM SEE WHAT YOU SEE</b> - Add an edge to your stream, by using Tobii Ghost to show where you’re looking, and provide insight for your viewers into your decision-making and awareness.
<b>WINDOWS HELLO CERTIFIED</b> - Log in faster and more securely with facial recognition. It's quicker, more secure and convenient than using a password.
<b>ONE MOUNT FITS ALL</b> - Our new flex mount is designed to be universal and adaptable to flat and curved screens, as it can be mounted underneath the monitor, with additional flat mounts for built-in screens.
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